Some Useful Facts Your Should Know about Phoenix College, the Oldest of Arizona Community Colleges and Higher Education Establishments of USA

Did you know that among all Arizona community colleges the Phoenix College located in Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA, happens to be the oldest not only among all community colleges in Az, but in the entire country as well, just imagine!. More than that, Phoenix College is a really impressive higher education provider among community colleges in Phoenix Arizona, and the most powerful among other community colleges of the whole USA.

It offers its educational services primarily to residents of the metropolitan city of Phoenix with its 150,000 of population, at the same time applicants from other states and parts of USA and other countries of the world take advantage of using the superb gradational facilities of this large, oldest and one of the most reputable colleges among Arizona community colleges.

Some Facts about History of the College in Short

Being one of the oldest higher education establishments of Arizona and the USA, Phoenix College opened its campus for the students for the first time in the year of 1920. The Maricopa County Community College District incorporated Phoenix College as part of its community in 1960. By present time Phoenix College has become a veritable flagship campus of community colleges in Arizona. It should be born in mind that there is no larger community colleges system in existence in USA and the rest of the world other than Maricopa County Community College District.

The Campus of Phoenix College

Midtown Phoenix is known as the location of the main campus of Phoenix College. The central business area of Phoenix was selected by the college as a location for another campus, a downtown one. The Phoenix College campus offers a wide range of benefits for its students, such as free-attendance fitness centers and freely available computer and internet facilities. The entertainment of students is also taken very good care of, students are able to pass free time at numerous clubs, such as Amnesty International, Business Club and the Latin Dance Club and other establishments according to tastes, interests and hobbies of various students.

The Range of Programs Available for the Students

The range of degrees and certificate programs that are available for the students of Phoenix College exceeds two hundred. Among the flagship programs one can choose from biology, English and nursing. Those inclined towards careers in business should enroll to Applied Business department; this division of Phoenix College offers courses on management, marketing as well as fashion merchandising. The retail management degree (which includes a 64 credit program) would be a valuable training facility for career-oriented retail and food industry students. The communication, physics, and legal studies departments provide degree graduation courses - baking courses. Additionally a certificate degree can be obtained at the legal studies department.

Unique Features

The excellence of Phoenix College has been proven by many of its graduates whose names have become well known among the most eminent personalities in United States. It is not surprising, since Phoenix College is equipped not only with first class educational facilities but with top-notch sports facilities and online education facilities as well: those latter two became the trade mark of Phoenix College. Students who deiced to devote their careers to education can benefit from another unique offer from Phoenix College; it is the well-known Teachers Preparation Program, which includes a teacher's job description course for those who are still at high school but already are seriously considering taking up a career of a teacher in future. The program gives an excellent opportunity for high school students to make an early entry into education programs and employment as teacher.

What is the Admission Policy of Phoenix College?

The admission policy that has been adopted at Phoenix College has always been a strictly open one. The requirements for applicants are simple and understandable: a prospective student should be 18 years old or above, should be a high school graduate with a high school diploma or any acceptable equivalent of this document. The important role is played by school transcripts, which a prospective student should present without fail. Is there a possibility of online admission? The answer is definitely positive.

Are there any Means of Student Support and Financial Aids Programs Offered by Phoenix College?

As many other Arizona community colleges Phoenix College takes care of giving its students all possible modern means of support, among them remedial services, academic and career counseling, PT cost defraying employment, and career placement. The students are able to make use of on-campus day care services. Those of students who suffer from financial restriction will benefit from a wide range of financial assistance programs, such as federal, state, local, and institutional grants, scholarships and student loan aids.

The undergraduates willing to finish their degree are offered extensive undergraduate morning or evening classes. You are welcome to visit official Phoenix College web site to learn more details about the university as well as the unique support given by Maricopa financial aid online.